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(Alexander tipsar om vad som dyker upp på de amerikanska seriehyllorna i juli 2023.)

Jag börjar med maj månads previewskatalog med tips på vad Marvel släpper under juli månad.

Manus: J. Michael Straczynski, Dan Slott, Jason Aaron, Mark Waid, Rainbow Rowell, Ryan Stegman, Steve McNiven & Armando Iannucci
Illustration: Kaare Andrews, Michael Allred, Pepe Larraz, Alessandro Cappuccio, Ryan Stegman, Marguerite Sauvage, Steve McNiven & Adam Kubert
Förlag: Marvel Comics
Övrigt: One-shot/96 sidor/släpps i augusti 2023


This massive commemorative issue includes contributions from some of the most storied creators in Marvel history, as well as a few surprises, as the classic days of Marvel are explored in depth!

J. Michael Straczynski and Kaare Andrews create the Marvel Universe in a backyard! Dan Slott and Michael Allred depict a crucial turning point for Captain Marvel! Rainbow Rowell and Jamie McKelvie explore the blossoming relationship between Cyclops and Jean Grey! The original Human Torch finds his purpose thanks to Mark Waid and Alessandro Cappuccio! The Silver Surfer confronts Mephisto under the guidance of Steve McNiven! And more, more, more! Plus: The ultimate Marvel Value Stamp, #1000! Who or what will it feature?

Manus: David Pepose
Illustration: Marcelo Ferreira
Förlag: Marvel Comics


Following the events of Moon Knight #25!

When a young runaway is attacked by a gang of death cultists, he is left barely alive outside the Midnight Mission. But Marc Spector made a vow long ago to defend the travelers of the night…and as long as a spark of life remains, his mission isn’t over yet. Follow Moon Knight on his most harrowing adventure yet, as the Fist of Khonshu journeys far beyond the land of the living – and battles across the mind-bending underworld known as the City of the Dead!

Manus: Zeb Wells, Al Ewing, Gerry Duggan, Jonathan Hickman
Illustration: Patrick Gleason, Cafu, Josh Cassara, Javier Garron, Valerio Schiti, Bryan Hitch
Förlag: Marvel Comics
Övrigt: One-shot/48 sidor

A deluxe edition collecting Marvel’s GOLD 2023 FREE COMIC BOOK DAY titles! This giant-sized issue is jam packed with entry points into the biggest comic storylines of the year and bursting with never-before-seen bonus material including preview art, design sketches, and more!

Spidey faces a new villain as a classic villain returns in a story that sets the stage for the next explosive year of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!

A shocking story reveals how Venom fits into the history of the Marvel Universe and leads into the next huge epic coming to VENOM!

FALL OF X looms over this year’s HELLFIRE GALA! A new threat to mutantkind emerges—one with a very familiar visage!

And with the world in disarray, the moment calls for a new alliance between the X-Men and Aveners—the all-new UNCANNY AVENGERS!

PLUS! Preview JONATHAN HICKMAN’S two new Marvel projects, ULTIMATE INVASION with Bryan Hitch and GODS with Valerio Schiti!

Manus: Marc Guggenheim
Illustration: Manuel Garcia
Förlag: Marvel Comics


Return to the future in a tale that reveals the events leading up to the timeless original DAYS OF FUTURE PAST story that’s inspired spin-offs, films and more!

In a world where mutants are more than simply hated and feared, but not yet SLAIN and APPREHENDED, the assassination of Senator Kelly comes to pass, bringing with it the Mutant Control Act and SENTINELS on every corner. But with mutantkind on the back foot, what lengths will KATE PRYDE, WOLVERINE, COLOSSUS, STORM, BANSHEE, ANGEL, CYCLOPS, PROFESSOR X and the rest of the X-MEN go to in order to find some way to survive? And what scheme of MAGNETO will bring about their ultimate DOOMSDAY?

Witness the thirty-year descent into the dystopic future, replete with the previously untold deaths of key mutant characters, as we flesh out one of the most celebrated X-MEN timelines in its own series for the first time!

Manus: Gerry Duggan
Illustration: Kris Anka, Joshua Cassara, Russell Dauterman, Adam Kubert, Pepe Larraz, R.B. Silva, Luciano Vecchio, m.fl.
Förlag: Marvel Comics
Övrigt: One-shot/80 sidor


The Hellfire Gala is always the biggest event of the season…but this year’s will change everything for Krakoa. What is meant to be mutantkind’s biggest night becomes their biggest nightmare as the Fall of X begins! All your favorite X-Men are going to be left reeling after this one – shocking revelations, stunning betrayals, horrifying tragedy, impossible deaths…and of course the most glamorous looks of the year, all in one CANNOT-MISS package!

Manus: Kieron Gillen
Illustration: Paco Medina
Förlag: Marvel Comics
Övrigt: One-shot


As the nineteenth century drew to a close, the dying Nathaniel Essex unleashed four clones of himself into the world. They’ve been haunting it ever since, while lurking in the shadows. We know what Sinister has been up to. What about the others? In this issue, we delve into their past…and discover their latest atrocity. When they start to…date?

Manus: Charles Soule
Illustration: Luke Ross
Förlag: Marvel Comics


• Who or what is THE SCOURGE, and why is no droid safe?

• As a corruption spreads from one droid to the next THE REBELLION and THE EMPIRE face chaos!

• What role does AJAX SIGMA play in all of this? And whose side is he on?

• Find out when horror comes to a galaxy far, far away!

Charles Soule continues his legendary run on STAR WARS with the most ambitious event in STAR WARS comics history! Joined by his WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS collaborator Luke Ross, the superstar team carves a new path for the future!

Manus: Gerry Conway och Roy Thomas samt Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, Chris Claremont, Tony Isabella & Steve Englehart
Illustration: Rich Buckler, John Buscema, George Pérez samt Bob Brown och Sal Buscema
Förlag: Marvel Comics
Övrigt: Tpb/512 sidor/släpps i augusti 2023

Volume #9 in the Fantastic Four Epic Collections

FANTASTIC FOUR stands tall as one of the greatest super-hero series of all time – and it certainly didn’t get there by doing the same old, same old! In this Epic Collection, the strained relationship of Reed and Sue Richards takes a turn for the worse. Sue joins Namor in an invasion of New York City – and the Frightful Four pile on, too! Then, the Femizons and Mahkizmo the Nuclear Man begin a battle of the sexes. Next, the Silver Surfer returns – with a vengeance! The Machiavellian Doctor Doom has captured the Surfer’s beloved Shalla Bal and used her to turn him against the Fantastic Four! Giant-Size adventures and a royal wedding round it out as the FF prove that nothing is stronger than the bonds of family!

Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #147-167, GIANT-SIZE FANTASTIC FOUR #2-4 and AVENGERS (1963) #127.

Kommentar: Specialen Marvel Age #1000 blir ett måste, Moon Knight: City of the Dead blir en given spin-off om man följer den titeln, Marvel Zero blir en tacksam beställning för oss som inte orkar engagera sig kring Free Comic Book Day då man får allt samlat här.

För fans av X-Mens komplexa historia så blir Days of Future Past – Doomsday ett måste, likaså X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 Special samt X-Men: Before the Fall – Sinister Four.

I kontinuiteten som kretsar kring Charles Soules Star Wars blir Dark Droids ett måste och slutligen från albumdelen av katalogen så blir FF Epic Collection vol. 9 ett måste för oss som födda på 70-talet och som växte upp med Atlantics svenska utgivning.

Manus: Joshua Williamson
Illustration: Giuseppe Camuncoli och Caspar Wijngaard
Förlag: DC Comics

Hello, ghouls and ghosts! This is Boston Brand, a.k.a. Deadman, and I’ll be your supernatural tour guide across the Knight Terrors stories! After that fancy special oversize issue you have to read first, the whole world is trapped inside their nightmares, and Batman and I are trying to figure out who Insomnia really is…and why he wants revenge on the heroes of the DC Universe!

Manus: Mark Waid
Illustration: Emanuela Lupacchino
Manus: DC Comics

Spinning out of the pages of the runaway hit Batman/Superman: World’s Finest comes a modern retelling of the early adventures of the original Teen Titans!

Led by Robin, the Boy Wonder, a new super-team has burst onto the scene—meet the Teen Titans, DC’s grooviest group filled with super-teens with super-problems. When they’re not fighting alongside their Justice League mentors, they’re managing their image and cultivating the rabid fan base that helps them save the world…as, all the while, a danger from the shadows intends to tear these friends apart before they ever reach the big time.

Before they were the Titans of the DCU, they were the Teen Titans, and you won’t want to miss this fresh take on their origins from the legendary talents of Mark Waid and Emanuela Lupacchino!

Manus: Shannon Hale och Dean Hale
Illustration: Javier Rodríguez
Förlag: DC Comics

The Titans have stepped up to become the DCU’s premier superhero team, and all eyes are on them! Who are Starfire, Raven, Donna Troy, and Beast Boy? Where do they come from, and what do they stand for? All will be revealed in Tales of the Titans, an all-new series of spotlight issues in the spirit of the beloved 1980s classic Tales of the New Teen Titans!

First up is alien princess and warrior Starfire, whose huge heart, huger hair, and fiery fists have made her a fan-favorite member of the team! When a spaceship bearing Tamaranean markings crash-lands on Earth, Starfire goes on a solo mission to uncover its origins. But what awaits her on that journey will bring her back to the earliest days of her youth, to memories of two sisters eternally at war…and perhaps the chance to keep history from repeating itself.

Manus: Chip Zdarsky, Leah Williams, Paul Scheer och Nick Giovannetti
Illustration: Kevin Maguire, Natacha Bustos och Tom Reilly
Förlag: DC Comics

The bloody brilliance of 2020’s Harvey-nominated Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red deserved an encore—this time in print periodical! In this all-new miniseries, 18 short tales of Gotham’s most unpredictable antihero unspool in black, white, and red ink (because she’s never seen the world in just black and white). In this issue: Comedic legends (they made us say that) Chip Zdarsky and Kevin Maguire team up to send Harley and Ivy deep into the heart of the Fortress of Solitude! Leah Williams and Natacha Bustos reveal Harley’s teenage past as a high-flying gymnast with vengeance on her mind! And actor Paul Scheer joins co-writer Nick Giovannetti and artist Tom Reilly to send former Joker sidekicks Harley and Gaggy Gagsworthy on a heist that’s worth the risk…but can the pair walk out on their vendetta in 30 seconds flat when they feel the heat around the corner?

Manus: Mark Waid
Illustration: Bryan Hitch
Förlag: DC Comics

Mark Waid and Bryan Hitch reunite to tell a tale centered on their favorite superhero. Superman learns Lex Luthor is dying, and he wants the Man of Steel to help him find the cure for whatever is causing his rapid decline. While the world wants to say good riddance to Luthor, Superman will go to the ends of the universe, through different dimensions, and across time to save his foe. But just why does he want to save the person who’s spent his life trying to destroy him? And will he even be able to find the solution?

Manus: James Tynion IV
Illustration: Maria Llovet
Förlag: DC Comics

The immortal witch Thessaly is no stranger to dead ends. But she’s won the hearts of gods and beings more powerful than gods, and persistence has always been her strong suit. Following her scheming machinations in Nightmare Country and Dead Boy Detectives, Thessaly is more determined than ever to suss out the seemingly impenetrable mystery surrounding the death of Madison Flynn. To do that, she’s going to have to get close to the source material—close enough to magic herself into the job of screenwriter on Madison Flynn’s biopic. But she’s going to need a little help to keep the gig…perhaps from one of those Muses the King of Dreams told her about long ago…

The Sandman Universe Special: Thessaly reunites Nightmare Country visionary James Tynion IV with star Faithless artist Maria Llovet to take you on a journey through the festering darkness pulsating beneath Hollywood’s glitz and glamour!

Kommentar: Då fortsätter jag med DC Comics katalogtips för släpp i juli där sommarens stora event blir Knight Terrors då de flesta titlar får sin reguljära utgivning utbytt under juli och augusti. Sedan ingår även en inledande special och en miniserie. Förutom detta så blir miniserien World’s Finest: Teen Titans ett måste samt specialen Tales of the Titans med fokus på Star Fire.

Ny miniserie och antologi med Harley Quinn: Black, White and Redder sätter igång och likaså Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor. James Tynion fortsätter på Sandman med specialen Thessaly tecknad av Maria Llovet.

Manus: Tom King
Illustration: Phil Hester
Förlag: DC Comics
Övrigt: Hardcover/208 sidor/släpps i september 2023

There once was a shining city on the water, a home for families, hope, and prosperity. It was Gotham, and it was glorious. The story of its fall from grace, the legend that would birth the Bat, has remained untold for 80 years. That’s about to change.

Superstar creators Tom King and Phil Hester team up for the first time to tell the definitive origin of Gotham City: how it became the cesspool of violence and corruption it is today, how it harbored and then unleashed the sin that led to the rise of the Dark Knight. Two generations before Batman, private investigator Slam Bradley gets tangled in the kidnapping of the century as the infant Wayne heir disappears in the night…and so begins a brutal, hard-boiled, epic tale of a man living on the edge and a city about to burn.

Collecting Gotham City Year One #1-6.

Manus: Alan Moore
Illustration: Dave Gibbons
Förlag: DC Comics
Övrigt: Hardcover/464 sidor/släpps i december 2023

Offered again!

Considered by many to be the finest achievement in sequential storytelling, Alan Moore’s Watchmen is a literary and visual masterpiece that redefined what superhero comics could be. This Absolute edition features remastered line art and coloring overseen by artists Dave Gibbons and John Higgins, script pages, the original series proposal, character designs, promotional art, and tons of other extras.

Collects Watchmen #1-12.

Manus: Bill Finger, Gardner Fox och Whitney Ellsworth
Illustration: Bob Kane, Sheldon Moldoff, Jerry Robinson och George Roussos
Förlag: DC Comics
Övrigt: Hardcover/824 sidor/släpps i september 2023

Offered again! Reread Batman’s 1939 debut and other early tales in this collection of Golden Age classics. Since his first appearance in Detective Comics #27, Batman has become one of the most popular comics characters in the world, appearing in multimillion-dollar movie franchises, TV shows, video games, and other media. Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 1 features the very first appearance of Batman and introduces such classic characters as Commissioner James Gordon, Robin, The Joker, Catwoman, the Penguin, and many more! Reprints stories from Detective Comics #27-56, Batman #1-7, New York World’s Fair Comics #2, World’s Best Comics #1, and World’s Finest Comics #2-3.

Kommentar: Från albumavdelningen rekommenderas Gotham City Year One med Slam Bradley i huvudrollen. Ett måste för fans av noir/polisdrama. Sedan kommer Absolute Watchmen i nytryck och likaså Batman The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 1.

BIG GAME #1 (OF 5)
Manus: Mark Millar
Illustration: Pepe Larraz
Förlag: Image Comics

The comics event of the summer is here!

Okay, this is so top secret we can’t even show you the main cover because it spoils something MASSIVE. Just trust us when we say that this is going to be the comic book event of 2023-and it’s NOT what you’re expecting.

Does the crossover really go that wide? Yes, it does. BIG GAME pulls together KICK-ASS, KINGSMAN, NEMESIS, THE MAGIC ORDER, and ALL the Millarworld franchises in one special event. This must be ordered like CRAZY!

Manus/Illustration: Jeff Lemire
Förlag: Image Comics

JEFF LEMIRE (GIDEON FALLS, Sweet Tooth) brings you a new tale of small-town surrealist horror in this special extra-length debut issue!

When a brutal and violent crime puts the life of an innocent teenage boy in the balance, it sets off a chain of events in bucolic Bell River, Ontario that will permanently change several residents’ lives. And as the manhunt heats up, a lonely girl named Franny Fox will form an unlikely friendship with a fugitive that leads them on an odyssey of discovery and redemption.

Manus: Jordan Thomas
Illustration: Shaky Kane
Förlag: Image Comics

Legendary British artist SHAKY KANE (THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN) and writer JORDAN THOMAS (Frank At Home On The Farm) are your guides through the corrupt, seedy streets of Stellar City in their new MINISERIES! The hard-boiled noir of LA Confidential mixes with the bright, alien-filled worlds of Futurama in this crime epic. Following months of gang shootings, Detective Ovra Sawce is paired with a new partner on a triple homicide. But what were a billionaire’s assistant, a hood-turned-cult leader and Sawce’s former partner doing in that warehouse?

Manus/Illustration: Jeff Lemire
Förlag: Image Comics
Övrigt: Tp/400 sidor

In a return to the literary and thematic territory of JEFF LEMIRE’s breakthrough graphic novel Essex County, ROYAL CITY follows Patrick Pike, a fading literary star who reluctantly returns to the once-thriving factory town where he grew up. There, Patrick is quickly drawn back into the dramas of his two adult siblings, his overbearing mother, and his browbeaten father, all of whom are still haunted by different versions of his youngest brother, Tommy, who drowned decades ago.

ROYAL CITY is a sprawling, ambitious graphic novel that charts the lives, loves, and losses of a troubled family and a vanishing town across three decades.

Collects ROYAL CITY #1-14

Kommentar: Från Image Comics kommer Mark Millars Big Game där flera karaktärer från hans serier för första gången ska mötas. Jeff Lemire är tillbaka med Fishflies där han även tecknar, vilket alltid blir extra speciellt, likaså att Shaky Kane är tillbaka med Weird Work. Apropå Lemire så om man missade Royal City första gången så kommer den nu som kompendium. Passa på då denna serie snart ska fortsätta.

Manus: Jim Zub
Illustration: Roberto de la Torre
Förlag: Titan Comics



Years after the battle of Venarium, a weary CONAN returns to his homeland to seek rest and solitude. However, a mysterious scout rides in to warn the Cimmerians of an imminent threat on the march from the Pictish wilderness. Will CONAN and his new ally be able to hold off this new horde of invaders?

Manus: Scott Snyder
Illustration: Tula Lotay
Förlag: Dark Horse Comics

It’s 1918- the early days of the barnstorming era, when pilots competed with each other by performing deadlier and more wondrous feats, as we’ve never seen it before. Pilot John Baron is back from the frontlines of the war, where he was injured. At eighteen-years-old, he’s an adventurer who lives his life traveling from town to town in his plane, entertaining folks across the country, most of whom have never seen a car, let alone a plane. His world changes when he meets Helen, a young woman who shares his passion for aviation and adventure. They become a traveling act, flying from town to town, delighting folks with their antics. Helen even becomes John’s wing-walker, climbing out on the wing of the plane mid-flight to perform death-defying acrobatics. Along the way they bond, confessing their secrets, and begin a romance in this lush, character-driven series that explores the early days of aviation and the evolving relationship and romance between two young pilots.

Manus: Sergio Aragonés, Mark Evanier
Illustration: Sergio Aragonés
Förlag: Dark Horse Comics

Groo the Wanderer is back and stupider than ever… which is pretty stupid. In this, his latest mini-series, he tries to figure out the dumb way human beings attempt to co-exist with animals on this planet. And if we can’t figure out how to do that, what chance does the guy with cheese dip for brains have?

Manus: Archie Goodwin
Illustration: Frank Frazetta, Reed Crandall, Steve Ditko, Neal Adams
Förlag: Dark Horse Comics
Övrigt: Tpb/288 sidor/släpps i september 2023

Cast your bloodshot eyes and feed your fetid imagination on the deliciously deranged tales of terror unearthed from the spine-chilling pages Creepy magazine!

Featuring virtuoso turns by comics legends Archie Goodwin, Frank Frazetta, Steve Ditko, Neal Adams, Gray Morrow and other masters of the macabre, Creepy proves that fear can be fun!

Collects Creepy issues #11-#15 in a value-priced paperback edition and includes original letters pages, text features, and ads.

Manus: Al Feldstein, William M Gaines
Illustration: Johnny Craig, Graham Ingels, Jack Kamen
Förlag: Dark Horse Comics
Övrigt: Tpb/216 sidor/släpps i december 2023

In the years before the Comics Code, no comic mined the noir vein with more shocking impact and creative skill than EC Comics’ Crime SuspenStories.

Featuring vivid tales of larceny, adultery, and homicide by comics legends Al Feldstein, Johnny Craig, Graham Ingels, Wally Wood, Jack Davis, Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Kamen, and more, Crime SuspenStories remains a lurid landmark in the history of comics, and the EC Archives presents these scandalous stories in all their brazen brilliance.

This value-priced volume collects Crime SuspenStories issues #1-#6, including the original stories, ads, text pieces, and letters.

Kommentar: Från Titan Comics kommer nu första numret av Conan the Barbarian då licensen nu har flyttat över från Marvel.

Från Dark Horse Comics blir det en ny serie från Snyder/Lotay med Barnstormers, Groo fortsätter med nästa miniserie In the Wild och på albumfronten från förfluten tid bjuds det på Creepy Archives Vol. 3 och EC Crime Suspenstories, måsten i prisvärda tp-utgåvor.

Manus: Stephen Mooney
Illustration: David Messina
Förlag: IDW

The Rocketeer is grounded! After Cliff and Betty’s adventures in Europe-with Cliff losing the Great Race but saving the day-he and Betty return home with a busted jet pack and a fully repaired relationship! They’re as happy as they’ve ever been…but paradise doesn’t last long! An elite band of Nazis, foiled in the past by their attempts to construct their own jet packs, decide on a new tactic: kidnapping the only person who can enable them to create their very own fleet of Rocketeers… Cliff’s beloved friend and mentor Peevy!

Manus/Illustration: Eddie Campbell
Förlag: IDW
Övrigt: Hardcover

Eddie Campbell is not himself. But these days, who is? It’s meta-fictional mystery and mischief as the award-winning artist of From Hell sets out to find his own imposter.
Plus, on the flipside: a deluxe new presentation of The Fate of the Artist, Eddie Campbell’s classic work of graphic meta-memoir!

SIDE A: The Second Fake Death of Eddie Campbell, by Eddie Campbell, is a spiritual sequel to his acclaimed graphic novel The Fate of the Artist. Many years later, during an endless COVID lockdown in which everybody wears a mask and needs a haircut, Eddie’s wife is certain that he has been supplanted by an imposter. She hires a detective to solve the mystery, and what follows – interspersed with Campbell’s trademark wry anecdotes, dreams, parodic pastiches, and pandemic peccadilloes – is a thrilling investigation that builds to a car chase and a violent conclusion.

SIDE B: The Fate of the Artist: In an autobiography, the author and the subject are the same person… but now they’ve both gone missing. The Fate of the Artist is a complex weaving of different strains of invention including a mock prose detective story, an imaginary Sunday comic strip, a mock fumetti-style interview with the author’s daughter, intertwined with Campbell’s beloved brand of autobiographical comic storytelling.

Manus: Garth Ennis
Illustration: Jacen Burrows
Förlag: AWA Studios

There is something ancient and terrible loose in the world of men. Something that hates them with burning passion, that bears a grudge born of ten thousand years. Something that wants its revenge.

NYPD Detective Amy Sun has a problem: Three years ago, a young woman was rescued from a serial killer by a police tactical unit. Now she’s dead, and Amy has a bad feeling that the SWAT team leader is responsible. As she investigates the existence of a corrupt cabal within her own precinct, Detective Sun soon discovers that there is something else on their trail – a force of vengeance older than the human race itself has awoken, invoked by the tormented murder victim in the weeks before she died, and is out for the blood of the guilty, who soon find themselves suffering a fate more gruesome than anything they could have dreamed of. The Ribbon Queen has come to New York City…and when she learns the truth, Amy is not at all certain that it should be stopped.

Manus: Sylvain Runberg
Illustration: Eric Chabbert
Förlag: Cinebook
Övrigt: Softcover/56 sidor/släpps i augusti 2023

The first volume of an Orbital spin-off. 2279. A freighter arrives on planet Drenn, with its hidden cargo of illegal immigrants, including young Human Kristina Swany. Like the rest of her travelling companions, she seeks a new life, a new start… but what awaits them is slavery, at the hands of a merciless criminal cartel-the supposed price for the last leg of their journey. Left with no choice, Kristina and the others must do dangerous work in atrocious conditions, and soon begin to suspect there won’t be a last leg…

Manus/Illustration: Edgar P. Jacobs
Förlag: Cinebook
Övrigt: Softcover/56 sidor/släpps i augusti 2023

Before Blake & Mortimer, Edgar P. Jacobs had created a comic that has now attained mythical status, The U Ray. Here it is now, finally translated into English.

The nation of Norlandia is in conflict with its powerful rival Austradia. The eminent Professor Marduk is tasked by the High Council of Norlandia with militarizing a major scientific discovery: the U Ray. However, doing so will require finding a deposit of Uradium, the ore needed to power the ray. And the only known deposit is in an unexplored volcanic archipelago. An expedition is quickly put together, but in the shadows, the Austradian intelligence services are waiting for the moment to act.

Kommentar: Från IDW blir det en ny miniserie med Rocketeer: In the Den of Thieves och en ny graphic novel från Eddie Campbell i två delar varav en är ny, The Second Death of Eddie Campbell, och en är ett återtryck av The Fate of the Artist.

Från AWA Studios kommer en ny serie från Ennis/Burrows med The Ribbon Queen.

Från engelska Cinebook kommer två släpp som jag hellre rekommenderar att man tar från Amazon UK då de släpps där en månad innan den 15 juni. Vi har Outlaws Vol. 1 av Runberg/Chabbert som är en spinoff på Orbital och jag har ingen aning om eller när den kommer från Cobolt på svenska, detsamma gäller The U Ray som är en tidig serie av Edgar P. Jacobs som han gjorde innan Blake och Mortimer.

Manus/Illustration: Chester Gould
Förlag: Clover Press
Övrigt: Hardcover/280 sidor/släpps i september 2023

Clover Press and The Library of American Comics prove that size does matter as we fulfill fans’ long-standing requests to produce new editions of the first six volumes of Chester Gould’s The Complete Dick Tracy. This is no simple reprinting – these volumes have been reformatted to be the same larger size as Volumes 7 through 29. In this premiere offering, we return again to those hardscrabble days of 1931, when tragedy in the Trueheart family puts young Dick Tracy on the police force and pits him against mobster ”Big Boy,” Larceny Lu, the counterfeiter Alec Penn, the nefarious ”Stooge” Viller, and Steve the Tramp!  As an added bonus, the first thirty-four Tracy Sunday pages, with stories separate from the daily continuity, have been rescanned to make them sharper and cleaner than their original reprinting. There’s never been a better time than now to get reacquainted with Chester Gould’s crime-busting plainclothesman, with the publication of the new bigger edition of The Complete Dick Tracy Volume 1!

Manus/Illustration: Chester Gould
Förlag: Clover Press
Övrigt: Hardcover/296 sidor/släpps i september 2023

It’s all about family in the Complete Dick Tracy Volume 2, as Clover Press and The Library of American Comics bring this early entry into the series’ standardized format. That means larger pages in a book that looks great on the shelf with its companions. Between the covers, the spotlight’s on Junior Tracy as he and his biological father cross paths with the notorious ”Stooge” Viller and his sister, Maxine. Then ”Big Boy” leaves Junior hospitalized before ”Confidence” Dolan locks the boy in the can. Dick Tracy’s subsequent encounter with secret operative J. Scotland Bumpsted puts the evil Larceny Lu on the run to California. There she meets Junior’s long-lost mother, who gives Junior a Scotty pup named Oscar and Tracy a way to bring villainous Boris Arson to justice. Chester Gould’s high-octane stories set pulses raising and hearts beating faster in the reformatted, super-sized, all-action The Complete Dick Tracy Volume 2!

Manus/Illustration: Gilbert Hernandez
Förlag: Fantagraphics Books
Övrigt: Hardcover/96 sidor/släpps i augusti 2023

Proof That the Devil Loves You is the latest in a series of graphic novels featuring Gilbert Hernandez’s character Fritz, a B-movie actress (and half-sister to his iconic Love and Rockets character, Luba) whose hourglass figure has earned her a cult following. While Gilbert often explores Fritz’s troubled life off-screen in Love and Rockets, for years he has also been ”adapting” her exploitation films in various forms, including a series of standalone graphic novels that include Chance in Hell, The Troublemakers, Garden of the Flesh, Maria M., and Hypnotwist/Scarlet By Starlight.

Manus/Illustration: Frank Robbins
Förlag: Hermes Press
Övrigt: Hardcover/240 sidor/släpps i augusti 2023

Frank Robbins’ masterpiece, one of the all-time greatest action/adventure newspaper comic strips, Johnny Hazard, returns with Volume ten of the series! Continues the adventures of Johnny Hazard picking up the storyline where Volume Nine left off. See more trend-setting artwork by comics legend Frank Robbins in one of the most important adventure strips ever to grace newspapers. Reproduced entirely from original King Features press proofs.

Manus/Illustration: Jack Cole
Förlag: PS Artbooks
Övrigt: Softcover/208 sidor/släpps i oktober 2023

Featuring art by the great Jack Cole, firmly locating Plastic Man in the humor super hero genre. Collects Quality Comics’ Plastic Man #9-12.


Kommentar: Från Clover Press får man en ny utgivning av Dick Tracy för de som inte har tidigare släpp.

Från Fantagraphics kommer en ny graphic novel av Gilbert Hernandez med The Proof That the Devil Loves You.

Från Hermes Press fortsätter man med dagstripparna med Johnny Hazard Vol. 10 och från PS Artbooks är Plastic Man framme med Vol. 3.

Illustration: Michael Whelan, Jeffrey Jones, Boris Vallejo, Greg Hildebrandt, Philippe Druillet, Brett Matthews
Förlag: Taschen America
Övrigt: Hardcover/512 sidor

Fantasy art, that colorful blend of myth, muscle and sexy maidens, took off in 1923 with the launch of Weird Tales magazine, was reinvigorated in the 1960s with The Lord of the RingsConan the Barbarian paperbacks with Frank Frazetta covers, and the late ’60s emergence of fantasy psychedelia. It went big in the ’70s with the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, the brilliant French magazine Métal Hurlant, and the first Star Wars film. The number of active artists peaked in that decade, but a new generation of fans discovered the genre through fantasy trading card games in the ’90s, leading to a massive interest in the art form today. Fans line up at Comic-Cons to meet Boris Vallejo, Rodney Matthews, Greg Hildebrandt, Michael Whelan, and Philippe Druillet, and memorialize dead icons HR Giger, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, and Frazetta. This book features original paintings, contextualized by preparatory sketches, sculptures, calendars, magazines, and paperback books, for an immersive dive into this dynamic, fanciful genre. Insightful bios go beyond Wikipedia to give a more accurate and eye-opening look into the life of each artist. This collection will reign as the most exquisite and informative guide to this popular subject for years to come.

Manus: Jack C. Harris
Illustration: Steve Ditko
Förlag: Twomorrows Publishing
Övrigt: Softcover/128 sidor/släpps i september 2023

Working With Ditko takes a unique and nostalgic journey through comics’ Bronze Age, as editor and writer Jack C. Harris recalls his numerous collaborations with legendary comics master Steve Ditko! It features never-before-seen preliminary sketches and pencil art from Harris’ tenure working with Ditko on The CreeperShade the Changing Man, the Odd Man, the DemonWonder WomanLegion of Super-Heroes, The Fly, and even Ditko’s unused redesign for Batman! Plus, it documents their work on numerous independent properties, and offers glimpses of original characters from Ditko’s drawing board that have never been viewed by even his most avid fans! This illustrated volume is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the creative comic book process by one of the industry’s most revered creators, as seen through the eyes of one of his most frequent collaborators!

Manus/Illustration: Junji Ito
Förlag: Viz Media
Övrigt: Hardcover/416 sidor

Soichi, the unhinged second son of the Tsujii family, chews nails and makes them clatter and clack as he spouts horrific curses to bring about the most bizarre happenings. Whether it’s summer holidays or a birthday party, Soichi can turn any occasion into a nightmare in a heartbeat. What is the terrible secret of his origin? Meanwhile, tormented by his little brother’s never-ending pranks, older brother Koichi has a soundproof room built. But why does it have a series of four doors? And then there’s the strange phenomenon surrounding the handmade casket their grandfather left behind. What on earth-or hell-has the family seen there?

Ten tales that celebrate the sinister and hilarious world of Junji Ito’s favorite antihero, Soichi!

Kommentar: Från Taschen kommer Masterpieces of Fantasy Art i mindre format men samtidigt oerhört prisvärt.

Från Twomorrows Publishing blir boken Working With Ditko ett måste och Soichi av Junji Ito från Viz Media likaså. Missa inte heller Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre som finns som anime från Netflix!

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