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Comics of Future Past – oktober 2021

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Så var det dags att ta en titt på vad som dyker upp på de amerikanska seriehyllorna i oktober 2021.

Som vanligt följer jag Pärs femgradiga skala och Månadens tips hittar ni längst ner i inlägget.

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Mot titlarna!


Manus: Mattson Tomlin
Illustration: Andrea Sorrentino

”Bruce Wayne’s mission as the Batman has only been underway for a year or so, but he can tell he’s making a difference. Unfortunately, he’s made some powerful enemies. All the traditional power brokers of Gotham resent the disruption the Batman has brought to town…and it seems one of them has a plan to neutralize him. There’s a second Batman haunting Gotham’s rooftops and alleys—and this one has no qualms about murdering criminals, live and on tape. With the entire might of the Gotham City Police Department and Gotham’s rich and powerful coming down on his head, Batman must find this imposter and somehow clear his name…but how can you prove your innocence from behind a mask?”

Intresse: 3
Kommentar: Regissören och manusförfattaren Mattson Tomlin (Project PowerLittle Fish) samarbetar med Eisner-vinnaren Andrea Sorrentino (Joker: Killer SmileGideon Falls) i en helt ny brutal miniserie med Batman.

: Dan Watters
Illustration: Dani & Dave Stewart

”The Joker’s attack on Arkham Asylum left the long-standing Gotham establishment in ruin, most of the patients killed or missing, and only a handful of surviving staff—a few nurses, a gravely injured security guard, and one doctor. In the chaos of the assault, it is believed that several of the asylum’s patients escaped and scurried off into the dark nooks and crannies of Gotham City. Now, these Arkhamites walk among us, and it’s up to the Asylum’s one remaining doctor, Jocasta Joy, to round up her former patients.
Meet these Arkhamites: a woman with no face, a pyggy in search of perfection, a man who feels nothing and burns everything, a woman who must devour life to save herself, a man unfit for the waking world who looks instead for Wonderland, a body with more than one soul, a being unbound from time who lives in the present and the past, a boy who seeks the comfort of vermin, and the twisted man who sees them all for who they are.
And witness the avenging angel who stalks them.”

Intresse: 3
Kommentar: Efter att Jokern bränt ner Arkham Asylum till grunden börjar jakten på dess överlevande och fruktade patienter som gör Gotham City ännu mer osäkert.

: Cliff Chiang

”Ten years ago, the massacre known as Fools’ Night claimed the lives of Batman, The Joker, Nightwing, and Commissioner Gordon…and sent Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, to prison. A decade later, Gotham has grown up—it’s put away costumed heroism and villainy as childish things. The new Gotham is cleaner, safer…and a lot less free, under the watchful eye of Mayor Harvey Dent and his Batcops. It’s into this new city that Selina Kyle returns, a changed woman…with her mind on that one last big score: the secrets hidden inside the Batcave! She doesn’t need the money—she just needs to know…who is ”Orpheus”?”

Intresse: 5
Kommentar: Serieskaparen Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman, Paper Girls) författar, tecknar, färglägger och textar en berättelse om ett framtida Gotham City utan Batman där Selina Kyle står i centrum.

: Dennis McNicholas, Bobby Moynihan, Heidi Gardner, Paul Scheer, m. fl.
Illustration: Leonardo Romero, Juni Ba, m. fl.

”Ah, you hear that beautiful racket? That’s the music of Gotham City—the largest city in the world, the big gargoyle, the treasure of the night—anyone who calls it a crime-infested hellhole is dead wrong. No way hell has such great pierogies. So join us here (hear?) as we bring you the stories behind the stories behind the hit HBO Max scripted original podcast with this sensational prequel one-shot, written by the very creators and talent who lent their voices to the show.
And unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that after years of rumors we find out not only is the Batman real, not only is he one of the good guys, turns out, he’s gonna be a cop!

Intresse: 4
Kommentar: En tecknad version av den populära podcasten Batman: The Audio Adventures! som är en hyllning till TV-serien Batman från 1966 och Batman: The Animated Series och där Jeffrey Wright är rösten till Batman.

: Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Jordie Bellaire, Mark Waid, Tom King, Steve Orlando, G. Willow Wilson, Amy Reeder, m. fl.
Illustration: Jim Cheung, Paulina Ganucheau, José Luis García-López, Amy Reeder, Evan ”Doc” Shaner, Isaac Goodheart, Gabriel Picolo, m. fl.

”Put on your tiaras and prepare your indestructible bracelets! DC is inviting you to join us for a one-of-a-kind special showcasing Wonder Woman’s past, present, and future to celebrate the legacy she has created and those she will continue to inspire with her adventures for years to come. This oversize super spectacular features work from some of the very best in the comic industry along with bright young stars ready to share the spotlight with Diana. You won’t want to miss these new stories that capture timeless messages of hope and empowerment presented together in this gorgeous keepsake issue!”

Intresse: 3
Kommentar: Ytterligare en hyllningsantologi till en av DC:s hjältar som fyller 80 år och den här gången är det Wonder Womans tur att stå i rampljuset.

: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Illustration: Phil Jimenez

”The wait is over, and the entire story of the Amazons can finally be told! Millennia ago, Queen Hera and the goddesses of the Olympian pantheon grew greatly dissatisfied with their male counterparts…and far from their sight, they put a plan into action. A new society was born, one never before seen on Earth, capable of wondrous and terrible things…but their existence could not stay secret for long. When a despairing woman named Hippolyta crossed the Amazons’ path, a series of events was set in motion that would lead to an outright war in heaven—and the creation of the Earth’s greatest guardian!”

Intresse: 3
Kommentar: Kelly Sue DeConnick och Phil Jimenez börjar berättelsen om amazonernas ursprung och framtida nummer kommer tecknas av Gene Ha och Nicola Scott.

: Rio Youers
Illustration: Tom Fowler

”Hill House Comics is back and heads are going to roll for making readers wait! The new wave of titles begins with a rancid return trip to bloody Brody Island. For a year now, the mysterious axe that unleashed pandemonium during the hurricane of ’83 has waited at the bottom of the bay but nothing that powerful stays buried. Brody Island has new visitors, and a new sheriff in town, too—not to mention a dangerous great white shark spotted in its waters—and when vacationing couple Calvin Beringer and Arlene Fields find themselves on the wrong side of Brody’s unsavory elements, their beachcombing will turn up something a lot sharper than sea glass…”

Intresse: 3
Kommentar: Basketful of Heads var min favorit av alla härliga skräcktitlar från Hill House Comics och nu kommer en fristående uppföljare med ett nytt skaparteam och där vi tyvärr inte får möta June Branch som var seriens största behållning.

: Marcus Parks, Henry Zebrowski & Ben Kissel
Illustration: John McCrea

”From the creators of The Last Podcast On The Left, exorcism just got a whole lot easier. After attending a seminar hosted in a hotel conference room by a mysterious group called the Soul Plumbers, Edgar Wiggins, disgraced former seminary school student, discovers what he thinks is the secret to delivering souls from the thrall of Satan. But after stealing the blueprints and building the machine himself, out of whatever he can afford from his salary as a gas station attendant, Edgar misses the demon and instead pulls out an inter-dimensional alien with dire consequences for all of mankind.”

Intresse: 3
Kommentar: Den första titeln från DC Horror var The Conjuring: The Lover som hänger ihop med skräckfilmen The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It och nu kommer en knasigare skräckis skapad av teamet bakom The Last Podcast On The Left.


Manus: Al Ewing & Ram V
Illustration: Bryan Hitch

”Hot off the heels of VENOM #200 and EXTREME CARNAGE, we’re closing out 2021 with one of the most ambitious books in symbiote history – an all-new VENOM from some of comics’ greatest talents! Marvel mainstay AL EWING, who himself has just ended a character-redefining run on IMMORTAL HULK, is being joined by RAM V, a horror maestro all his own, to craft a mind-bending and gut-wrenching tale of symbiosis the likes of which the Marvel Universe has never seen! AS IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, they’ve been joined by industry legend BRYAN HITCH, who is leaving IT ALL ON THE PAGE!
We haven’t led you astray yet, have we? So trust us when we tell you that you have NEVER seen a VENOM like this!”

Intresse: 3
Kommentar: Efter att ha täljt guld med The Immortal Hulk, som nu avslutats, får Al Ewing ta över Venoms solotitel och med ingen mindre än Ram V som medförfattare.

Manus: Tochi Onyebuchi
Illustration: Setor Fiadzigbey

”T’Challa and Hunter are brothers growing up in the idyllic royal palace of Wakanda. Theirs goes beyond the usual sibling rivalry, though – Hunter, although older, is adopted, and T’Challa is the true heir to the throne. Both brothers wrestle with fairness and the future, readying themselves for responsibility, when tragedy strikes and takes the choice from them.
This new series, ideal for young fans and loyal readers alike, will explore the moments that make T’Challa who he is, from his adventurous upbringing to his walkabout as a teen where he meets the enchanting Ororo Munroe before she becomes the legendary Storm, to when he first invites the Fantastic Four into Wakanda! Son, Brother, Warrior, King – as each chapter unfolds, new pieces of T’Challa’s character will be revealed and the Black Panther will emerge.”

Intresse: 3
Kommentar: En ny origin-story för T’Challa, långt innan han blev Wakandas kung och Black Panther.


Manus: Rick Remender
Illustration: André Lima Araújo

”When an unassuming man stumbles upon a dark-web contract assassin’s vicious plot to kill an innocent target, he turns himself into one. The Professional meets Road to Perdition in this story of a family’s unlikely guardian being hunted by rich and powerful men who are used to getting away with everything.”

Intresse: 3
Kommentar: Rick Remender har levererat en mängd ambitiösa serieprojekt under sina många år på Image Comics och nu är det dags för en klassisk brutal hämndhistoria tillsammans med tecknaren André Araújo.

Manus: Ed Brubaker
Illustration: Sean Phillips

”It’s 1988, and Ethan has been hired for his strangest case yet: finding the secrets of a Los Angeles real estate mogul. How hard could that be, right? But what starts as a deep dive into the life of a stranger will soon take a deadly turn, and Ethan will risk everything that still matters to him.”

Intresse: 5
Kommentar: Ed Brubaker och Sean Phillips är tillbaka med den tredje serieboken om problemlösaren Ethan Reckless och hans farliga uppdrag i 1980-talets soliga Kalifornien. Första boken överträffade mina förväntningar, som var skyhöga, och det här är en titel helt i min smak och jag längtar efter att få lägga labbarna på både den och andra boken Friend of the Devil.

Manus: Rodney Barnes
Illustration: Jason Shaw Alexander

”Jimmy Sangster might have left Maryland for the vampire-infested city of “Killadelphia,” but there is still untold evil lurking the streets of Baltimore. The demon Corson has surfaced from the underworld to possess a once-wronged man, and his vengeance will come at the cost of humanity’s despair! But Jimmy’s former lover Nita Hawes—a woman with demons of her own—has begun a quest to root the evil out of her city. Guided by the ghost of her dead brother, she must come to terms with her own past, lest she join”

Intresse: 3
Kommentar: En spin-off på den Eisner-nominerade vampyrserien Killadelphia som jag började läsa för ett tag sedan men som jag ännu inte avslutat.

Manus: Mark Millar
Illustration: Stuart Immonen

”A magical turf war like you’ve never seen before! The London chapter of the Magic Order has entered the scene, and these tough Guy Ritchie-style gangsters have a problem with the Eastern European Warlocks moving into their territory. Can new leader Cordelia Moonstone keep the peace?”

Intresse: 3
Kommentar: Den första volymen av The Magic Order var en riktigt bra Mark Millar-serie och mycket snyggt tecknad av Olivier Coipel. Den här gången är det Stuart Immonen som står för illustrationerna och det är minsann inte flugskit det häller.


Manus: Alex de Campi
Illustration: ChrisCross

”A past betrayal has primed Marcus King for revenge–and now that he has been given enhanced abilities, the fuse is lit! From the mountains of Ukraine to a lush tropical island, no place is safe from his vengeance!

Marcus King: modern-day Robin Hood or terrorist? Maybe both? When Marcus comes face to face with an adversary who knows all of his carefully buried truths, hes forced to become the man he has always pretended to be. God help his enemies!”

Intresse: 4
Kommentar: Alex de Campi brukar leverera riktigt bra serier och jag blev minst sagt förvånad när hennes serie Bankshot försvann från seriehyllorna innan det var avslutad. De nummer som kom ut dök upp 2017 och nu, fyra år senare, kommer äntligen hela serien ut i en samlingsutgåva.

Manus: Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson
Illustration: Christopher Mitten, Ben Stenbeck

”Hellboy learns about the mysteries of an exorcism gone wrong and more when his occult investigator relative reveals secretive and perilous adventures of one of the Hellboy Universe’s most mysterious societies!  Silver Lantern Club member Simon Bruttenholm relates a tale from the dawn of radio, in which Sir Edward Grey and Sarah Jewel go toe to toe with . . . technology?”

Intresse: 3
Kommentar: Ytterligare en lovande miniserie med Hellboy, författad av Mike Mignola och Chris Roberson samt tecknad av Ben Stenbeck och Christopher Mitten


Manus: James Tynion IV, Tate Brombal
Illustration: Werther Dell’Edera

”You know Aaron Slaughter as Erica’s handler and rival. But before he donned the black mask, Aaron was a teenager training within the House of Slaughter.

Surviving within the school is tough enough, but it gets even more complicated when Aaron falls for a mysterious boy destined to be his competition.”

Intresse: 4
Kommentar: Something is Killing the Children är en av mina nya favoritserier och nu utökar James Tynion IV och Werther Dell’Edera sin mycket läsvärda med en berättelse om de hemliga monsterjägarnas ursprung.

Manus: Jeff Jenson
Illustration: George Schall

”Everyone knows the tragic assassination of Abraham Lincoln, but what about the foiled attempt in his first year of presidency?

In 1861, America’s greatest detective saved the life of her country’s greatest president… this is her true story.

At a time when the American experiment was at a crossroads, and the man tasked with healing the nation was under constant threat, only one detective was armed with the extraordinary cleverness and versatility to thwart the attempt on his life.

Her name was Kate Warne – America’s first woman detective.”

Intresse: 4
Kommentar: Eisner Award-vinnaren och författaren Jeff Jensen (Green River Killer: A True Detective Story, HBO’s Watchmen) och tecknaren George Schall (Made In Korea, Chasing Echoes) presenterar en fiktiv historia som bygger på den högst verkliga historien om USA:s första kvinnliga detektiv: Kate Warne.


Manus: Ram V
Illustration: Anand Rk

”Long after the rock out of space struck the world and turned it all to dust, in Bakerstown stands the last Radio Station on the planet. Radio Apocalypse broadcasting into the unknown, a beacon in the dark for those who wander the lost places. Now change is coming to Bakerstown. Among the refugees flocking into an already precarious settlement, an orphan boy Rion, caught in an indiscretion, will twine his fate with the Radio Station. And in doing so, begin this mixtape of love and heartbreak and interminable hope. This soundtrack to the end of the world.”

Intresse: 4
Kommentar: Ram V och Anand Rk har tillsammans skapat oförglömliga serier som Grafity’s Wall och Blue in Green och deras nya serie om apokalypsens sista radiostation blir ett måste.


Manus: Brian Buccellato
Illustration: Hayden Sherman

”Mitchell Moss is about as regular as it gets. He’s married with two children, and co-owns a successful chain of Memphis Hot Chicken restaurants. It’s not the life that screams hero/vigilante…until he discovers that his business partner is in bed with the mob and owes them $2 million. Unfortunately, Mitch is ill-equipped to be a badass-he’s just a guy who makes really good chicken. Can he protect his family from cold-blooded gangsters? Absolutely not.
But maybe the CHICKEN DEVIL can…”

Intresse: 3
Kommentar: Brian Buccellato (Detective Comics, The Flash, Witchblade) och Hayden Sherman (Cold War, Mary Shelley Monster Hunter) bjuder på en galen mörk komedi.

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