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Previewstips: december 2022

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(Alexander tipsar om vad som dyker upp på de amerikanska seriehyllorna i december 2022.)

Då är det deadline för katalogbeställningar för oss som köper från Seriebörsen/Seriebubblan och jag börjar med en första tipsvända från DC Connect #29 samt Marvel Previews för släpp i december.

Manus: Todd McFarlane
Illustration: Greg Capullo
Förlag: DC Comics
Övrigt: 48 sidor, Prestige-format, One-shot

Two dark heroes, cursed by tragedy, find their paths again crossing…but not by choice! What sinister foe is at work, pitting the Dark Knight against the Hellspawn? From the shadows of Gotham City to New York City, this epic event is the blockbuster you’ve been waiting almost two decades for!

Manus: G. Willow Wilson
Illustration: Jamie McKelvie
Förlag: DC Comics
Övrigt: 64 sidor, Prestige-format

Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman, is the greatest thief that Gotham City has ever seen. She’s effortlessly stolen countless items of immense value over the years and successfully evaded the GCPD and Batman. But when Catwoman finds out an item from her past is being sold for way more than it used to be worth, it sends Catwoman into a spiral, and she’ll do everything in her power to steal it back. Batman tries to stop her before she goes too far, and a mysterious figure known as the Forger will change Catwoman’s life forever. The all-star creative team of G. WILLOW WILSON (Poison IvyMs. Marvel) and JAMIE McKELVIE (The Wicked & The DivineYoung Avengers) unite for this epic story!

Manus: Mark Waid
Illustration: Dan Jurgens, m. fl.
Förlag: DC Comics
Övrigt: One-shot

After the monumental events of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #4, Pariah has successfully resurrected the infinite Multiverse…and all of reality is still reeling from the event. Join Doctor Multiverse on a haunting journey through these newly re-formed realities, from The Jurassic League to DC: Mech…from Dark Knights of Steel to Batman ’89 and back again…in a guest-star-galore all-new epic by comics legend and DC architect Mark Waid!

Manus: Tom King
Illustration: Jorge Fornés
Förlag: DC Comics

Joining the Justice League is a goal for any superhero, but what happens when a quest for membership takes a sinister turn? Join Starman, Metamorpho, and Warlord as they look to prove themselves worthy by summoning and defeating Darkseid in battle. Soon they’ll learn that calling upon a New God never ends well, and their world is headed for a crisis as a result!
The journey to save the day will be a treacherous one filled with princesses, knights, and all kinds of monsters. Each person the heroes encounter plays a crucial role in this sprawling yet gripping narrative that is a little bit silly, a whole lot dark, and completely cool. Expect the unexpected with a supporting cast featuring Manhunter, Lady Copy, the Green Team, and the Creeper!
Inspired by the heroes and villains of 1st Issue Special, Tom King and Jorge Fornés (Rorschach) return for an unforgettable maxiseries that reimagines these characters and their stories. A multi-character, multilayered crime drama starring some of DC’s most obscure creations. No one will see it coming, but everyone will want to see where it goes!

Manus: Pornsak Pichetshote
Illustration: Jeff Stokely
Förlag: DC Comics

The Sandman Universe grows as two of its most beloved characters return to the spotlight! Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine have been detectives for decades—and dead best friends even longer. But their investigation into a Thai American girl’s disappearance from her Los Angeles home puts them on a collision course with new and terrifying ghosts that could give even a dead boy nightmares—including a bloodthirsty krasue. Even scarier than the ghosts? Though neither wants to admit it, the boys might be growing apart. And perilously close by to the boys’ adventure, Thessaly the witch finds herself held hostage by dangerous magics—both a threat to her life and an insult to her ego that simply will not go unanswered…
Eisner Award-winning writer Pornsak Pichetshote (The Good AsianInfidel) is joined by celebrated artist Jeff Stokely to take the Dead Boys to the scariest place of all: the heart of Hollywood!

Manus: Michael Uslan, Mark Waid, Jerry Ordway, Kenny Porter, Stephanie Williams, Michael W. Conrad, Becky Cloonan, Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Steve Orlando, Zac Thompson och Meghan Fitzpatrick
Illustration: Lee Weeks, Kevin Maguire, Jerry Ordway, Karl Mostert, Juan Ferreyra, Anthony Marquez, Pablo M Collar, Max Dunbar och Hayden Sherman
Förlag: DC Comics
Övrigt: 96 sidor, Prestige-format, One-shot

Over 20 years ago, Stan Lee reimagined the entire DC Universe. A criminal turned nocturnal warrior for justice, a champion from the Brazilian Amazon, an intergalactic lawman, and more sprang to existence from Stan’s mind with the help of Michael Uslan. To celebrate the legendary comic book icon’s 100th birthday, dive into 10 new adventures featuring his version of the DC Universe! Batman faces down a villainous new threat, the Choker! Green Lantern digs deep when Nekron arrives to consume the World Tree! The Justice League teams up with a familiar face in order to save the day! Shazam ventures into a top-secret facility to face off against a mind-blowing (and brain-burgling) enemy! The Flash uses her time-bending speed abilities to attempt to reverse the tragedies of her past, but may rob herself of her powers in the process! Chaos ensues when Wonder Woman becomes the editor of the National Exposer!

: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Ernie Hart
Illustration: Jack Kirby, Don Heck, Dick Ayers och Larry Lieber
Förlag: Marvel Comics

A man of action and a man of science, Dr. Henry Pym invented an amazing growth serum and a cybernetic helmet — and with them, he became the Astonishing Ant-Man! Pym soon teamed with Janet Van Dyne, the winsome Wasp, and the two tiny titans went on to battle an array of mini- and maxi-sized menaces from the Scarlet Beetle to the Black Knight! But adventures in the microscopic world weren’t enough for one of the Marvel Age’s first super heroes. Soon, Ant-Man became the biggest Avenger there ever was: Giant-Man! And his foundational adventures are all here in this debut Epic Collection! Collecting material from TALES TO ASTONISH (1959) #27 and #35-59.

Från Marvel var det en mellanmånad där det inte var något direkt av intresse som stack ut. Desto roligare från DC då Danger Street äntligen listas på nytt. Även kul med en ny serie med Dead Boy Detectives, särskilt med tanke på att det även är en TV-serie på ingång från HBO Max.

Sedan blir det lustigt att DC hinner komma ut med en hyllning till Stan Lees 100-årsdag före Marvel (det kommer säkert skapa grinig stämning i det lägret). Sedan att Stan Lees Just Imagine var helt usel är en annan historia. Ända orsaken till denna manöver från Stan Lee var att han hade blivit lurad på pengar från intäkterna av den nya våg filmer Marvel hade producerat, så detta var Stans sätt att sätta ner foten och han blev kompenserad omgående. Sedan att inte Jack Kirby och Steve Ditko fick en cent i samma skede är ju också en annan historia.

Här kommer mina resterande katalogtips från förlagen Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Titan Books, Avatar och Fantagraphics för släpp från december och framåt.

Manus: Mark Millar
Illustration: Juanan Ramírez
Förlag: Image Comics

You’re 17 years old and you’ve been bitten by a vampire. Do you live in the shadows and drink human blood, or do you use your newfound gifts for the dream costumed superhero life you’ve always wanted? You’re bulletproof, you can crawl up walls, and you can turn to mist, bats, or even a wolf. Why not have a little fun?

Manus: W. Maxwell Prince
Illustration: Martín Morazzo
Förlag: Image Comics

Presenting here the first major work from the creative minds behind ICE CREAM MAN-re-lettered, remastered, and under its original intended name! The world of fine art is falling apart, and only ART BRUT knows how to fix it. Alongside the Bureau of Artistic Integrity, Arthur Brut the Mad Dreampainter (and his trusty sidekick, Manny the Mannequin) must dive back into the very paintings that made him insane…or reality itself might just crumble to pieces. A colorful, gonzo romp through art and art history, ART BRUT is equal parts police procedural, hyper-fantasy, and psychological thriller-a veritable Pollock-splatter of comics genres tossed onto one giant pulpy canvas! Each issue features new covers, new design, and a new Silver Age-style backup story featuring the art hero that no one’s ever heard of-until now! Originally published under the title The Electric Sublime, this special edition presents the NPR-lauded, critically acclaimed material in its intended form.

Manus: Ed Brubaker
Illustration: Marcos Martín
Förlag: Image Comics

A young adult detective hero finally grows up in this second volume of the genre-defying post-YA masterpiece from award-winning creators ED BRUBAKER (RECKLESS, FRIEND OF THE DEVIL, PULP, KILL OR BE KILLED) and MARCOS MARTIN (THE PRIVATE EYE, Daredevil), as well as acclaimed colorist MUNTSA VICENTE. Friday Fitzhugh’s best friend and partner Lancelot Jones (the smartest boy in the world) has been killed, and the police in their small town of King’s Hill are not up to the task of solving the crime. Now, Friday must pull herself out of her grief and hunt the cold winter night for justice-all on her own this time.

Manus/Illustration: Bryan Talbot
Förlag: Dark Horse Comics

Bryan Talbot’s groundbreaking science-fiction epics The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and its sequel Heart of Empire have been acclaimed by Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Michael Moorcock, and more. Talbot now launches a third Arkwright saga, The Legend of Luther Arkwright, another milestone in graphic literature.

Luther Arkwright, a being of vast psychic power capable of traversing the swirling multiverse of infinite existences, is pursued by a far superior adversary across multiple historically divergent parallel worlds, both utopian and dystopian, and only Arkwright’s experience and force of will provide any hope to avert humanity’s annihilation.

Manus: Mark Evanier
Illustration: Sergio Aragonés
Förlag: Dark Horse Comics

The bumbling barbarian Groo has made quite a name for himself, traveling the land leaving a path of destruction and cheese dip. He is either so greatly feared or favored wherever he goes, Groo’s earthly reputation causes a Groo deity to arise in the heavens! While Earthbound Groo hungers, his Divine Groo alter ego unleashes chaos!

Plus, Sergio’s legendary back cover Rufferto strips return!
• Concludes an epic storyline that began in Groo: Fray of the Gods and continues in Groo: Play of the Gods.
• Sergio Aragonés returns to Groo, featuring beautiful hand-lettering by Stan Sakai!

Manus: Jeff Lemire
Illustration: Stefano Simeone
Förlag: Dark Horse Comics

From the critically acclaimed and Eisner-Award winning writer Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth), along with artist Stefano Simeone (Good Luck) comes this essential prequel to the epic events of Black Hammer volume 1.

The Last Days of Black Hammer details the heroics of Joe Weber—the original hero known as Black Hammer—at the height of his power, along with the rest of the main Black Hammer heroes like Golden Gail, Abraham Slam, and Barbalien in the final days leading up their cataclysmic battle with the cosmic villain Anti-God and their imprisonment on the limbo farm!

Collects the original Substack series for the first time!

BLADE RUNNER 2039 #1 (OF 12)
Manus: Mike Johnson, Mellow Brown
Illustration: Andres Guinaldo
Förlag: Titan Books

Los Angeles 2039. It has been three years since Niander Wallace introduced his brand of ‘perfectly obedient’ Replicants, and the ban on synthetic humans has been lifted, at least for the new Wallace models-the older Tyrell Corp’s Nexus 8 units are still hunted by Blade Runners. Cleo Selwyn, first seen as a small child in Blade Runner 2019, has returned to L.A. some twenty years later, searching for Isobel, a Replicant copy of her real mother who died when she was three. Cleo believes that Niander Wallace is holding Isobel captive, and the only person she can call on for help is the one who saved her so many years ago: Aahna ‘Ash’ Ashina, now an aging and disgraced ex-Blade Runner.

Manus: Lewis Trondheim, Nicolas Kéramidas
Illustration: Nicolas Kéramidas
Förlag: Fantagraphics Books

Acclaimed French cartoonists Lewis Trondheim and Nicolas Kéramidas present a mind-bending Duckburg graphic novel! When Donald grouses that money will never buy Uncle Scrooge happiness, Scrooge snaps – and sets Donald on a treasure hunt for happiness itself. A terrible task for an unlucky Duck… or is it? With help from Professor Ludwig Von Drake, deep in the cranky kingdom of Brutopia – the impossible may be possible! Presented as a ”lost” 1960s Disney story – complete with retro-style color – Donald’s Happiest Adventures bristles with wit in the Carl Barks tradition… and bustles with the whole Disney comics cast, including friends and rivals Gladstone Gander, Mickey Mouse, and Pegleg Pete!

Vill flika in att det inte finns någon poäng med att plocka Luther Arkwright från Dark Horse då den redan släpptes i England tidigare denna sommar och finns att köpa från vilken onlinebokhandel som helst. Vill också nämna att man kan skriva upp datumet 21/2 i almanackan om man är intresserad av Donald’s Happiest Adventures av Trondheim/Kéramidas från Frantagraphics. Då allt från Disney har exportförbud till Sverige så kommer den inte att komma från Diamond, så den får också beställas från annat håll nästa år.

Kul att Jeff Lemires prequel till Black Hammer nu publiceras i albumväg och att Groo är tillbaka med ett nytt kapitel i senaste handlingen. Likaså att Friday kommer med sin andra del precis ett år efter volym ett.


Har man missat tidigare utgivning av Alan Moores serier från Avatar så får man ny chans med nytryck på fyra av dem.

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